Friday, September 12, 2008

One Stop Website for Hurricane Ike Information

If you have friends or family impacted by Hurricane Ike, or if you are affected but in a safe location, you are probably looking for as much information about Ike as fast as possible. World Wide Help Team member, NPR's Andy Carvin, has put together a one-stop website for Hurricane Ike which should be one of your first stops. Just go to .

A hurricane warning remains in effect from Morgan City, Louisiana, to Baffin Bay, Texas and tropical storm warnings are in effect for the southeast Louisiana and Mississippi coasts, including the city of New Orleans. has a great deal of information, and there is a great deal of storm related information on Hurricane Ike at the National Hurricane Center.

There are numerous reports of "all circuits are busy" responses to telephone calls. We would remind our readers that when you can't get through on the telephone, sending text messages via cell phone is one of the best ways of keeping in touch; only abrief moment of connnectivity is required for this form of communication to work.


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