Friday, September 05, 2008

New Trier Visitors from CPS

Because I lost my Internet, I couldn't comment on the CPS students who visited New Trier on Tuesday. The event was well covered on local news channels and newspapers however. Apparently it all worked out quite well, although there were fewer visitors than anticipated. 

All of you know I love a cute picture, and I loved the one above from the Chicago Sun Times.While perhaps its not timely, I wanted to share it in case you missed it.  Since the group led by Rev. Meeks went over to New Trier West, I imagine little Imani Stevenson was a little awed by its size. Her application is sure to be rejected, however, as she is only in preschool.

While I initially felt bad about these students being kept out of school, I felt better when that some of the visitors were in preschool, as I am a great believer in field trips for the younger set. When I was questioned about what she would learn when I voiced my opinion, I couldn't come up with an answer, but I am sure new experiences always enrich.

A sadder story from New Trier's visitors from Chicago's south side was that of Gelissa Johnson, pictured at right, who needed attention from the New Trier school nurse when she suffered ill effects from the hot weather. After she was treated, the school nurse  gave her and her mom a full tour of New Trier West's facilities for special needs students.  Impressed, Gelissa's mother remarked that she would pray that somehow  she could obtain education that good for her 19 year old child. New Trier (actually probably the NSSED) excels at this type of education, which also depends on student volunteers to help out. While the extra money at New Trier surely makes a difference, I hope Chicago Public Schools are using these peer helpers for their special needs classes. It is a wonderful program where all parties benefit. 

I was impressed with how many mothers and grandmothers were involved in the New Trier visit. When families get serious about their kids' education good things result. We would hope that the concepts of school choice and home schooling--all of which can deliver positive results for students--don't get lost simply because they are often viewed as Republican ideas.


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