Sunday, October 05, 2008

Further Evidence of the Bizarreness of the Obama Personality Cult

How bizzare is this Youtube video? If you think that the personality cult surrounding Barack Obama has simply gone too far, this could have you shaking your head. Hundreds, and possibly thousands, of Obama supporters are attending Obama camps and learning how to "get in your face" to ensure your vote for The One, learning tactics taught by the father of community organizing , Saul "the end justifies the means" Alinsky. There isn't any evidence that they are learning these paramilitary displays of support, but this is just downright strange. It is reported that the Dean of the school where this was filmed said--when asked about the video--"What's the main concern? Because I want to understand where you're coming from so that I can figure out how to handle this."

If this video is missing by the time you read this post, it won't be surprising. The Obama campaign has routinely spent enormous amount of time to scrub anything on the Internet that might present the campaign in a less than favorable light. The students are reported to be students at the Urban Community Leadership Academy in Kansas City, Missouri, who Drudge characterizes as "pledging allegiance" to Barack Obama. It is futher reported that this drill is no longer being done at the school due to concerns that the organizer was pushing a personal political agenda. You think?

UPDATE October 9, 2008: Just as I predicted, the video is missing with the terse comment, "This video has been removed by the user. "


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