Sunday, October 12, 2008

Happy Columbus Day!

Remember Christopher Columbus? It's his day today. Poor fellow has fallen so out of favor they don't even have Columbus Day sales at the stores anymore. Here's a link to some coloring pages for Columbus Day. If you eat at work, print them out and put them in your briefcase along with some crayons. Take them to lunch with you on Monday and start coloring. Then, if anyone wants to discuss politics, the economy, or 401K's just look up and say "Can't you see I'm busy?" By midafternoon, several people will probably stop by your office and ask how you are feeling. If you're lucky, maybe they will suggest that you go home early.

If you have strength enough to do more than color, the History Channel has some good online videos. But what? You are up to something more challenging? How about some translated letters of Chistopher Columbus? With both the Spanish and English it makes pretty interesting reading, but do start on page one and not the introduction--it's 143 pages!


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