Saturday, October 11, 2008

He's Back!
Dan Seals on the Bailout:"You Bet I Do!"

I haven't had much to say about Dan Seals of late, and it's no wonder. Not only has Congressional candidate Dan Seals been quiet, he remains completely invisible in Wilmette, the suburb where he says he lives. To his credit, he doesn't live too far from the district in which he's running. That is, assuming he lives in Wilmette at all. A friend tells me that at the house where he supposedly lives there isn't one of those "Seals for Congress" signs on the lawn, and there wasn't one last time he ran, either. Smell a rat?

Dan Seals has one of those job titles that is popular to use on the North Shore when someone doesn't have a day job, "consultant." Well, he did call himself a professor for a while, but found himself in a little hot water when that turned out to be something like 6 or 8 night school classes (taught as an instructor) where he distinguised himself by inviting the felon Dan Rostenkowski over to his class to give him a little something in an envelope. Go Chicago!

You will love this video where Dan Seals discusses the bailout with the Tribune! More power to you if you can figure out where Seals stands. Perhaps this might be called "preserving one's options?" Of course, like so many who take a few years off from life (Seals has been running for the 10th Congressional seat pretty much non-stop for 4 years now), he seems a bit challenged by basic life skills, like answering a straightforward question. Not surprising. We all know people who don't bother having a job and what that does to maturity levels. While you might think this is another rich North Suburban guy enjoying his leisure while looking for a gig in DC, Seals says he doesn't live in the district beccause it costs too much. While Seals has paid himself from his campaign funds, I guess it didn't do the trick.

H/t to Team America, whose posted the video first.



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