Monday, October 20, 2008

Obama's Convenient Flip-Flop on Campaign Financing

In today's Los Angeles Times, Dan Morain writes

"A year ago, before attaining front-runner status, Obama signed a pledge to the group Common Cause in which he vowed to push for "full public funding for qualified candidates who agree to spending limits and to stop accepting private contributions."

'''I will make passage of such legislation one of the priorities in my campaign and in my presidency if elected,' Obama told the group. But he decided to forgo public financing once he realized that he could amass far more through Internet donations than McCain."

As Richard Baehr notes in today's excellent article on the American Thinker,

"How a candidate runs his campaign is an important indicator of the character of the man or woman we may elect. In the case of Obama, the evidence is that he is a very skillful, ambitious, and driven candidate, and also a very, very cynical and dishonest one. What Obama says means very little. He is after all a clever lawyer. We have had a recent experience with a very smart lawyer as President and how he parsed words. In Obama's case, the lies have been pretty blatant, despite the best spinning efforts by the campaign. "

I couldn't have said it better.


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