Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Sixth Day of Christmas: Too Many Games on the Wii?

Christmas isn't just about Jesus, it's about family fun and togetherness, too. My picture for the sixth day of Christmas is a photo. Everybody loves the Nintendo Wii, but have you ever contemplated what would happen if the strap of a Wii remote broke while flinging it about playing video sports? This is the answer. This is an actual photo of a flat screen TV during the twelve days of Christmas after the Wii remote strap broke and the remote flew into the TV. Before you grow too concerned, the original strap of the remote had been changed by a clever housewife who had color coded the straps for her family members. She was pretty unhappy about the flatscreen, but I am pleased to report that the TV was replaced by the miscreant in a couple of hours.


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