Friday, January 09, 2009

The Blagojevich Post - Impeachment Press Conference

The Blagojevich post-Impeachment press conference was masterful, though he did sound a little bit like Ed Genson, his defense lawyer. It is clear now why Gov. Blagojevich was impeached: the evil legislature, consumed by special interests, is trying to keep Gov. Blagojevich from doing his vital work for The People, like saving lives. In fact, Gov. B brought some people to the press conference which included someone whose life he saved due to his innovative programs. He is working for The People all of the time (except when he is memorizing poetry) because he always remembers the Golden Rule and his parents who worked so hard. Besides, it was Rahm Emanuel who thought of the drug plan (one of the articles of impeachment) anyway.

Though he was about 20 minutes late, Our Governor came out fighting and looking like a winner. And you know something? In his own mind I think Blagojevich believes it all. Every word.


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