Thursday, January 08, 2009

Governor Blagojevich and Roland Burris

I found this little cabbage patch kid in my inbox. You will notice that he looks just like Rod Blagojevich. It came along with the message, "Now you, too, can buy the governor."

Meanwhile, everybody at our house has been enjoying the Roland Burris show. While the country is trying to read some race factor into the equation, the truth is that Roland Burris is one of Illinois' most skilled and experienced politicians. He has had many long years of experience, and certainly knows how to take advantage of a situation where advantage is to be had.

Burris dates back to the pre-hugging pre-celebrity days, when politicans had dignity, gravitas, and perhaps a dash of noblesse oblige. His age insures that he was raised in the day when people valued good posture, standing up straight, and speaking in a formal manner. Washington seems to be hungry for this in their post-Hollywood era, and it is no wonder that Burris is being well received.

Meanwhile, closer to home, McHenry County blogger, Cal Skinner, who ran against Burris for Illinois Comptroller in 1982, looked at an audit of Burris' office during his tenure as Attorney General and isn't impressed with what he saw. While Mr. Burris' political skills are highly honed, his managerial skills seem to be sadly lacking.


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