Saturday, January 17, 2009

Obama, Biden on Way to DC via Train

21,000 job cuts were announced yesterday and USA Today will make every worker take a week off from work, unpaid, in January. People are worried. In the meantime, Barack Obama set out for Washington, D.C. from Philadelphia this morning via a fancy private train. No, no spiffed up Amtrak for this Man of the People!

Barack Obama owes much of the enthusiasm for his campaign to average Americans, or maybe less than average Americans. Those supporters in Philadelphia are greatly disappointed that Mr. Obama, before setting out on a train trip designed to make him appear to be more Lincolnesque, couldn't find the time to meet with them before his journey began. Instead, Obama chose to meet with 250 hand picked supporters. Sadly, it is reported that many of those Philadelphians looking forward to seeing Obama at a public event don't have the money to go to Washington for the Inauguration festivities. That is pretty inexpensive, so if the report is true, these are poor but enthusiastic voters. I really don't even understand the point of coming to Philadelphia to meet in a room with a few people," said one supporter who even let Obama workers stay in her home, "I don't get it." Well, we understand the point and the point has far more to do with perception than reality. has a live link to the Obama train tour where Joe Biden (who no one questions is a man of the people and was introduced as "Amtrak's #1 commuter) is now speaking. I was going to post up a picture of the fancy train which was linked by Drudge, but the link to the photo has disappeared. I am surprised to see that the Obama team is still involved in web scrubbing; once a campaign is over, it seems a little over the top.

Biden is saying nice populist things that would appeal to the heart of most Americans and just now announced announced Barack and Michelle Obama. Movie type music is playing loudly. There is enough bunting and American flags to ensure every picture is a winner. Now Obama is speaking, but maybe for only a minute or two.

Since I couldn't find a picture link to the private train, I decided to post up a picture of the door from which Marie Antoinette ran out of the Versailles palace when the citizens of France had enough of elitist values. For the moment that will have to do.


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