Friday, January 02, 2009

Thoughts on the Ninth Day of Christmas

We may have an interesting week or two  ahead as the nation learns about Illinois politics through Roland Burris' appointment to the U. S. Senate. Already the talk show hosts are making jokes about Governor Blagojevich, and Barack Obama is figuring out how to put distance between himself and his Illinois political history.

I am still busy enjoying the holidays, but I am thinking that my idea of a Christmas painting for every day of the twelve days of Christmas might be a little much. I tried to come up with a great way to finish off the last few days but I didn't have any success. I chose this picture for the new year because of the prominent ox behind the manger. When Chinese new year arrives, it will be the year of the ox which should give us extra strength. I know we will all need that in the days ahead.

This nativity was painted by Bicci di Lorenzo in the 1400's.


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