Saturday, March 07, 2009

Listening In on the Market Watchers

So while I was over at Google Finance looking at the chart of theĀ  Dow Jones Industrial Average for yesterday's post, I took some time to look at the messages between people watching the market in theirĀ running patter of market commentary. I chose some representative posts, which I found very interesting.

"I think preparations have to be made now. Mass bankruptcies are unavoidable. This is crazy, crazy I say! What has the world come to. I don't want to work on a goddamn wind farm."

"Media plus Obama ( Mr. do Nothing) equals DOW below 5000 and all our retirements and investments gone."

"The big boys from freddie-mac and fanny may that got the big goverment bailout and bonuses opened there own business buying up the premeum propertys for pennys on the dollor from forclosers. What a inside job. . . . I say hang them in front of wall street from the gallows. Wild in the streets soon. CORPARATE RIPOFFS. THEIVES!!!!!!!"

"These are Ex-Countrywide executives and yes, you're absolutely right, they need to be watching their back all the time. I say cut their heads off and jab them on top of light posts along main street USA."

"In the last six months, an average 401k has fallen by 30 - 50%, and the equity in their homes has all but dispapeared. How are these people supposed to live? Social Security doesn't have enough money to sustain them.

"We are soooo F*cked. If you are like me and in your 30's, you got to start feeling a little HOPELESS."

"But it took almost three years after the '29 crash to reach bottom of approx 89% loss in value. This time the pace is MUCH faster."

"Sorry to burst your bubble but your rallies havent been working lately. Good luck with it!"

"My gun store told me that gun prices are going to reach the moon this year, because their wholesale distributor already warned them. There is huge demand right now and if you add that to the hyperinflation that is coming, the working class stiff will soon be priced out of owning a firearm."

"In California rifle prices are through the roof . . . Friend of mine paid 1600 dollars for a rifle on which Rock River Arms lists the MSRP @ $1100."

"You heard me! Even Obama said that stocks look like a good investment at these levels. Take out a second mortgage on your house and put all your money in C and GM. Everybody will win! Weeeee! "The fundamentals of our economy are strong!"

"Did Obama mention whether being long or short was the good investment at these level?"


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