Saturday, April 11, 2009

First Dog Bo

Just in time for Easter, the word is that the First Dog is in the White House. Of course, as I wrote about before, $3,000. Portuguese Water Dogs really aren't found in shelters. In the most amazing story, and I do mean story (cough, cough), Teddy Kennedy's dog's recently adopted litter mate was "turned back in" either to a) the breeder or b) an upscale shelter in Texas, depending on the version you read. Theoretically, they could call it abandoned (yeah, right) as a way around the law on gifts to public officials.

As promised, I put the dog on of those Obama type posters. As seems fitting, that's Teddy Kennedy in the background.

(So is it Bo Obama or just Bobama?)

UPDATE: The AP is reporting on the intrigue surrounding the backstory on First Dog Bo.

UPDATE 2: I decided to look into how the excellent but left-leaning Humane Society of the United States was spinning the story. They are taking the position that Bo is a second-chance dog, but hedging that by saying that Bo"was apparently returned by the family that originally purchased him." While their viewpoint might be a little off the mark, they make a good plea for the importance of adopting shelter animals.


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