Saturday, April 04, 2009

We Observe Galileo's Chandelier at the Pisa Cathedral

This is the famous chandelier at Pisa Cathedral that Galileo observed in 1583 which led to the making of accurate clocks with pendulums. In those days the chandelier was lit with candles, and there was a rope to raise and lower it. After it was raised it would swing to and fro.

The Pisa Cathdral is an amazing place. If you ever wonder what happened to some of those missing Roman ruins, some of the old columns ended up here, doing as good a job of holding up a building as they did a thousand years ago.

Walking back into the past as we did here can certainly give perspective on one's problems, whether they are real or imagined. It's hard to think of telling the time as a major societal concern, and I wish I could tell Galileo that almost everyone in the world now has a cheap device that they can wear on their wrist and is accurate to the minute.


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