Sunday, July 05, 2009

More Fireworks!

I really liked the fireworks shows this weekend! If you are in withdrawal, you could go to Crystal Lake tonight, because their fireworks show is the 5th of July! Otherwise, there are fireworks at Navy Pier every Wednesday and Saturday through Labor Day this summer. The fireworks guide,, has information for the entire year, and links to fireworks displays in the USA and around the world.

There is a lot of information on the Internet about fireworks, including info on how much a professional fireworks show costs, how you can easily set up a short-term, nearly risk-free fireworks business in certain states (complete with videos of the fireworks packages you could offer), and products you could buy (and in parts of our country legally possess) including the Chinatown Celebration special strip of 16,000 firecrackers for the low-low price of $219.19 ("This strip lasts so long!! You would think that it gets boring after so long, but it doesn't! My neighbors got so mad because it seemed like it lasted 10 minutes!!! A++++").

Interestingly enough, pyrotechnic experts Fireworks by Grucci suggest that "fireworks are the least expensive way to entertain thousands and even tens of thousands of people." Somehow, I had never thought about it that way before.


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