Saturday, October 10, 2009

Mediterranean Diet: More About Exercise than Food

So I suppose there is some truth to that "fat people eating" comment that I heard on TV when Rio beat out Chicago for the Olympics. Here in Chicago, it is believed that food might be a real tonic for health, and the TV commenters are forever discussing the benefits of the Mediterranean diet. Why food is discussed as the only component in that diet makes no sense at all. The biggest difference in the Mediterranean, and in Europe generally, is the vast amount of walking that people have to do just in the course of a day.

Click on the above picture, and you will more closely see a photo I took of a poster suggesting a walk for people visiting Tremezzo, Italy. Advertised as a "leisurely and pleasant walk," it will take you nearly 2 hours, one way, and is five (5) miles long. I suppose you could take a boat or a bus back, but I think the idea is to do the round trip on foot. Is there any wonder why the Mediterranean diet is healthy? That is a lot of exercise!


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