Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hula Hooping Should not End TV

Hula Hoop? Okay! We can get with the program! But that is a very bad belt to wear while hula-hooping and the untucked shirt is downright un-firstladylike. And frankly we are puzzled about Michelle's explanation that her family couldn't afford fast food when she was growing up. That's a complete fabrication. Michelle's dad's salary as a city worker was much more than ample; we know the numbers from local news stories. I bet her mom didn't like fast food. The "up from poverty" story that the Obamas peddle--which some of the world actually believes--can only relate to a world where lack of private chefs and personal jets is considered poor.

What does worry me, though, is Michelle's big focus on the idea that children shouldn't watch TV. That is just about totally mean. I loved TV as a child, and the younger family members loved TV when they were children. When you get older, TV gets more boring. If you have all your TV joy taken away as a child, you probably will never enjoy it at all. After I grew up, I used to love watching the evening news if I was home. Then the networks started carrying ads that featured pills for odd maladies with frightening side effects. After that, around the time they cast Katie Couric as a news anchor, they stopped covering what used to be news stories. Now I can't enjoy the evening news at all, and if it wasn't for such nice TV memories I might be really sad.


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