Friday, October 23, 2009

Backroom Dealing: Healthcare In Washington and Other Thoughts

So much for involving the public on he healthcare debate; that didn't work out so well. Now, healthcare has moved behind closed doors in Washington. Could we just replace Congress with the Chicago City Council? They might work more comfortably with the Man from Chicago--or should I just say the Chicago Troika of Emanuel, Axelrod and Obama?

The Obama Team has now added France to its list of snubbed countries: nothing says change like shaking off the shackles of France and England, does it? Bye guys, most Americans loved being friends with you. Sorry; we'll still visit if we can.

America's still waiting to hear about Afghanistan. Come to think of it, so is Afghanistan. If the public had bothered looking at what was left of Obama's record in Springfield, after much of it simply disappeared, it should be no surprise at all.


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