Saturday, November 14, 2009

Gag Me: Obama Bows to a Foreign Power (yet again)

Somehow this horrifying picture of President Obama bowing to the Emperor of Japan reminds me that it is 23 days to Pearl Harbor Day.

UPDATE: And, from a comment at the LA Times sent to me this morning (Sunday), "Bowing to another foreign leader! First it was the King of Saudi Arabia, now the Emperor of Japanese. Why does he keep doing this? If it's respect, then why didn't he bow to the Queen of England? Was it because the Queen is a) white, b) a woman, or c) both?" Of course, the answer is that American Presidents, primus inter pares, bow to no one. I used the Latin for those readers who like to wander suggest that I forgot to finish my education, but mostly because the great blogger, Pat Hickey, who uses it so easily, also has a fabulous set of pro-American photos in his post about the Japanese bowing.

We won't even mention the miserable bowing form; maybe it's an Indonesian thing. We do not wish to cast asperion upon the Japanese. Upon assuming office, the current Emperor of Japan made substantial apologies for the excesses of his father, and peaceful and friendly relations have existed between the US and Japan nations for many years. Nevertheless, there are many in both countries who stilll smart from family losses, and opening old wounds is always bad politics. Certainly, Mr. Obama opened many of his fellow countrymen.


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