Saturday, November 07, 2009

The Late, Great United States

I can't think of any scenario that sums up more fully what has happened to our country than the news of the last day. There was President Obama on TV yukking it up with conference attendees before reflecting on an act of domestic terrorism that would have seized the news endlessly if it had happened in enemy territory abroad; a member of the US Armed Forces who should have been separated from the service months or years ago, but likely kept due to political correctness; and news that liberal pressure group is trying to blackmail members of Congress into voting for health care legislation against even the wishes of constituents.

By this afternoon it is possible we may have the first step by Congress in criminalizing Americans who fail to purchase what the Government mandates--healthcare insurance at a cost of thousands and thousands of dollars per year, and will surely generate millions in campaign contributions. Employment is at 10.5% or 17.5%, depending on how you look at it, and the news is filled with pictures of caskets of returning soldiers thanks to an Order by President Obama, in a dreamy propaganda coup for our enemies.

Is this the hope and change and vision for America celebrated just one year ago? I know it is not, and it is heart-breaking. I should imagine this week we will be treated to more let-them-eat-cake pictures of fashion choices from Michelle Obama's bottomless closet, parties for the First Children and visitors at the White House, and the glaring absence of President Obama--who had plenty of time to go to Berlin during his campaign and Copenhagen recently to pitch the Olympics--at the anniversary commemorations of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

The photo is that of President Obama bowing to the Saudi King, a defining moment for a "new" America.


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