Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Meeks, Proft Seek Educational Reform

About 14 months ago I wrote on Rev. James Meeks' visit to New Trier High School, including the cute picture above. To me it typifies how Chicago's inner city children start school wide-eyed and serious in both demeanor and dress, and in 12 or 10 years the "system"--including schools, community leaders, and teachers--will have utterly failed them. They will end their schooling with minimal skills, poor educations, and little hope for the future, despite vast sums of money spent.

Monday, Dan Proft, endorsed for Illinois Governor just Saturday by the New Trier Republican Organization, met with Reverend Meeks, who also is a state senator and also serves as Chairman of the Illinois State Senate Education Committee, to talk about educating Illinois children. Proft and Meeks found a number of areas of agreement, and I thought you might like to see the statement released by Proft just yesterday.


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