Monday, February 22, 2010

Oh George Washington, Did We Forget Your Birthday?

It was practically afternoon until I realized it is George Washington's Birthday today, and evening before I could put together this post. My mother warned me, many long years ago, of those who would work tirelessly to end the memory of America's Patriots, and here I am, failing to do my part.

I knew you were counting on me, and today I really fell down on the job. You also could thank AT&T which is doing its best to disconnect me from the Internet every time it rains or snows. And, amazingly, whether or not I call and complain, my connection is restored about as fast either way.

Of course, just when I decided to post this link to Parson Weems famous biography of Washington (who is considered to be the person who first told the tale of the cherry tree that Washington cut down as a boy with his new hatchet) AT&T took away my Internet completely!


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