Tuesday, March 23, 2010

40 Seats Means No More Madame Speaker

Do you like this US map where Illinois gets to be in the "Top 10?" The GOP has put up a great fundraising website in the aftermath of the high-handed doings this weekend at the House of Representatives in Washington. It's called Fire Pelosi, and they are raking in the cash. The goal is to raise $1,002,010 in 40 hours for the 40 seats in Congress it would take to have a Republican Speaker. Do have a visit, and I guarantee you--based on my experience-- that a contribution will improve your mood considerably! All day Monday I felt as miserable as if someone had died, but I am feeling better to know that nearly $900,000 dollars has been raised as I write this.

I like having a woman Speaker of the House, but I do not like Nancy Pelosi, despite the kind words this blog gave her shortly after her election. We really tried, but we don't like her politics. The Fire Pelosi website features a picture of Nancy Pelosi against a flaming background, a clock, a tally of the money raised, and the map shown above. The bright red states have given the most money, which pretty much boils down to the most populated states, but I was surprised and happy to see Michigan and Illinois giving significantly.

Interestingly enough, after I made a contribution, it appears that late Monday afternoon the GOP sent out an email seeking to raise $402,010 or more from the website. Since by the time I ran into the website independently of the email the goal had gone to over a million dollars, fundraising must have been very successful.

UPDATE - 3/23/10 - 8:10 pm: Oh no! Michigan has slipped out of the top 10 and Alaska has leapfrogged into its place! I always imagined those hearty Alaskans as a mighty healthy bunch. Could it be they aren't happy with being forced to buy insurance that will basically be worthless because so many of its citizens live very geographically isolated lives?


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