Thursday, June 17, 2010

Israel: The Treason of the Left

In an excellent editorial, former New York Mayor, Ed Koch, marvels that it is the Republicans, not the Democrats, who currently are standing up for Israel, and points out the growing liberal sentiment to object to anything having to do with that small mideast country. Starting with the viewpoint that Liberals support  freedom and individual rights, Koch terms this anti-Israel sentiment as the "treason of the left," saying

A year ago, at AIPAC's conference in Washington, I asked the following questions: Why don't we see demonstrations in Europe against the Islamic dictatorships? Why are there no demonstrations against the enslavement of millions of Muslim women? Why don't they declare against the use of bomb-carrying children in the conflicts in which Islam is involved? Why is the left only obsessed with fighting against two of the most solid democracies of the planet, those which have suffered the bloodiest terrorist attacks, the United States and Israel?...Because the left no longer has any ideas, only slogans. It no longer defends rights, but prejudices. And the greatest prejudice of all, is the one it has against Israel. I accuse, then, in a formal manner: the main responsibility of the new anti-Semite hatred, disguised as anti-Zionism, comes from those who should have to defend freedom, solidarity and progress. Far from it, they defend despots, forget their victims and remain silent before medieval ideologies which aim at the destruction of free societies. The treason of the left is an authentic treason against modernity."

Mayor Koch has done an excellent analysis of the current situation, and you might want to read his op-ed in its entirety. His call to action should be heard by all, "Those who pride themselves on fairness and conscience, Christians and Jews, must rise up and be heard. Their protests must ring throughout the world. There is no time to waste." I am going to send the article around to my email correspondents in hopes they, too, will pass it along.


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