Sunday, July 04, 2010

Jesse White Tumblers Visit Wilmette on July 3, 2010

The Jesse White Tumblers have been coming to Wilmette's Independence Day Fireworks for several years now. It's unclear who loves it more--the fans or the tumblers. I have never seen the Jesse White Tumbling Team receive a more enthusiatic reception than they do in Wilmette, and I have never seen them perform better than they do at Wilmette's lakefront. The entire crowd--but especially the children--treat the Tumblers as the big stars they are, and the Tumblers love to run by, high-fiving the little kids. With this perfect crowd-performer synergy, no wonder the Tumblers choose to return again and again to Wilmette!

This year Jesse White, the former Chicago Public School gym teacher, state legislator, and now Illinois' Secretary of State, came along with the team (there are several sub-teams, I think; that's Jesse White driving the van), and I can't think of a better Independence Day gift to Wilmette's children than for them to see a humble and honest politican who works hard to improve his community. The Jesse White Tumbling Team come from challenged backgrounds as different as could be from our local community, but with discipline, hard work, and the high ideals instilled by Secretary White, the tumblers are on the road to very bright futures. Let's hope that the Jesse White Tumblers continue to return to Wilmette for many years to come!


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