Monday, November 22, 2010

TSA Pat Downs

"The security officer finished the pat-down, tested the gloves for any trace of explosives and then, Sawyer said, “He told me I could go. They never apologized. They never offered to help. They acted like they hadn’t seen what happened. But I know they saw it . . .

“I am a good American and I want safety for all passengers as much as the next person," Sawyer said. "But if this country is going to sacrifice treating people like human beings in the name of safety, then we have already lost the war.”

As we prepare for Thanksgiving, let us remember that our Pilgrim forefathers knew repressive government and suffered at its hands. They set off across the mighty Atlantic Ocean to a new land to escape government tyranny. Let us give thanks that today we have it in our power to change the wrongdoing that our fellow citizens are suffering at the hands of government agents. And let us also remember in our prayers this holiday the seemingly average citizens, such as Thomas Sawyer, whose maltreatment at the hands of the TSA, is so very troubling.

UPDATE: In a bid to avoid the "bad touches" of the TSA, San Diego passenger Samuel Wolanyk, stripped down to his underwear for the TSA, which seems like a pretty sensible answer to a bad situation. In a bizarre response, the TSA told him to get dressed so that he could be properly patted down. How sick is that? Is the goal here safety, or groping in the name of security?

FURTHER UPDATE: Krauthammer: "The only reason we continue to do this [pat downs] is that people are too cowed to even question the absurd taboo against profiling — when the profile of the airline attacker is narrow, concrete, uniquely definable, and universally known. We will swallow hard and pretend airline attackers are randomly distributed in the population."

THIRD UPDATE (11-23-10): Ron Paul: “ 'Now the government wants us to show them our genitalia and they want to take pictures of us and put their hands into our pants,' he said. Paul said due to pervasive coverage of TSA abuses by the corporate media, the American people are now beginning to ask serious questions about government conduct. 'I think it’s a healthy wake-up call to a lot of Americans.' He said he believes a boycott of the airlines will be necessary if we are going to force the government to back down and stop acting like a sexual predator.”

FOURTH UPDATE (11-26-10): "I don’t dramatize, and I don’t exaggerate. I’m trying to give you a sense of who I am so you won’t think that this is a plea for attention, or a jumping on the bandwagon about the recent TSA proposed boycott."


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