Sunday, February 20, 2011

Taking its Story Global via Internet, Libya Joins Mideast Revolution

Who would have ever though that the people of Libya would rise up against dictator Muammar Gadaffi and demand their freedom? Gaddafi, who has been ruling since a military coup in 1969, turned Libya into a haven for anti-Western radicals, where any group supposedly could receive weapons and financial assistance, provided they claimed to be fighting imperialism.

A group of young techs--one is pictured above--has been working around the clock to take Libya's story to the world, and mainstream news outlets are beginning to initiate coverage. The young techs show evidence of foreign schooling and residence, speaking in Arabic, occasionally English, and rarely in French.

From all reports, protesters in the city of Benghazi have been very hard hit by Gaddafi through who they claim are foreign mercenaries, and the killed and wounded have been reported in widely varying but extremely troubling numbers. It is said that the Gaddafi forces are killing anyone who moves, even at the windows of the houses.


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