Monday, February 14, 2011

Egypt Unrest Continues

We managed to out of town for the blizzard, but the only news we seemed to be able to get was of Egypt. And we still are puzzling whether Revolution televised will end in a free Egypt or an Islamist takeover. In the meantime, the above statute is one of 17 major missing antiquities from the Egyptian Museum of Cairo.

Meanwhile, the Arab street does not disappoint in its reputation as a rumor mill, placing President Mubarek in a coma and in Baden, Germany. The Germans deny he is in Germany, and the Americans say that he is at his house by the shore in Egypt. There is no reliable information about his health, although the BBC has comprehensive information about the situation in Egypt. Al Jazeera continues its online streaming TV media coverage of the situation.

Let us hope that this Egyptian revolution leads to an increase of personal freedom and economic opportunity in Egypt, although it is clear that the demonstrations are not yet ended. Certainly the Egyptian people are very hopeful, and we do wish them the best. A touching online tribute, well worth a few minutes visit, has been started to honor those who lost their lives on streets of Cairo during this turbulent time, reminding us that the price of freedom is never free. What road change will take in Egypt may surprise much of the world, however, based on a Pew Global Attitudes Poll released just over two months ago.


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