Thursday, November 10, 2011

Penn State Trustees: Courage to Do the Right Thing

The stunningly quick and decisive action by the Penn State Trustees to remove the wrongdoers from positions of influence at the school in the wake of the terrible child sex abuse scandal  is a courageous moral choice. Standing for what is right rather than what is convenient and expedient is rare in this age that is loathe to make any moral judgment whatsoever.  For more years than I can remember, popular wrongdoers have been given a pass at every level of society. Many social commenters seem to believe that skills, talents, and popularity  might balance or outweigh illegal and / or immoral actions. The courage to do what what is right on a routine basis simply has been missing from our society's social discourse for many years, and in particular when it comes to sports.  The swift action by the Penn State trustees makes no excuses for that wrongdoing.  While their action is commendable, it is a shame that this wrongdoing never came to light until now, and we hope safeguards are put into place that would avoid this happening in the future .


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