Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving Time Travel: Hanging with the Pilgrims

Small Boston Whaler
Happy Thanksgiving! Sometimes I like to think about going back in time.  If I could do that, I would take myself right over  to Plymouth, Mass and take the Pilgrims a couple of Boston Whalers and a few 4 x 4's, maybe Land Rovers or Jeeps. (Also plenty of fuel.) Can you imagine how excited all of Plymouth would be? The Pilgrims could zoom everywhere and undergo a great deal less hardship. It would make a super Thanksgiving!

While I was in Plymouth, I would stay for Thanksgiving dinner.   Since everybody's curious about what the Pilgrims ate, I could blog about exactly what the Pilgrims put on the table for their first Thanksgiving feast. Come to think of it, maybe I would also take the Pilgrims a green bean casserole. How amazing would they find that?

Despite the terrible loss of life at Plymouth in the first year due to sickness, enough Pilgrims survived so that today, over 10 million people are their descendants. Perhaps you are one of them and don't even know it! The General Society of Mayflower descendants has a newly designed website, which  is worth a Thanksgiving stop for more info!

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