Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Here's Hoping Your Valentine's Day is Great!

I've been celebrating Valentine's Day ever since Sunday, when we enjoyed our family Valentine's Day Party. This year, rather than going out to eat, I decided I would get  a very nice take-out pizza with a salad. Delicious and easy! Then one of our younger family members said that pizza was a dietary problem, so I had to cook. I made chicken and potatoes and stir-fry vegetables, an arugula salad and biscuits, and cheesecake for desert. While I think I would have preferred pizza, dinner was very tasty! One of our younger family members sick with a cold and had to skip dinner, but we had  a  good time anyway. I am sure the champagne helped, but even our teetotaling family members were perfectly happy!

Today I will be taking some candy for work. I wonder if anyone else will bring treats?  I hope so!

Some people think Valentine's Day is just for sweethearts, then fall into a total funk if they don't have one, How silly is that? I remember how fun Valentine's Day was as a child. We gave valentines and had treats both  at school and at home. We didn't get flowers or jewelry and certainly didn't miss it.  So, even if you have dinner plans with your Valentine, don't forget to take something to work to share with your friends (and non-friends) as the case may be. Some may be in a terrible mood due to their love life, and cheering them up will make everybody's day a happier one!


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