Monday, May 01, 2006

Pan-Pan-Pan - No Compran Pan:
Bring a Pan and a Spoon for El Gran Paro

It's here! The General Strike, formerly known by Americans only as an aggravation in foreign travel, has now arrived on our shores with the aim of shutting down America's major cities.I hope everyone remembers to take a sandwich to work today.

In San Francisco, marchers have been told to bring a pan and a spoon, and look for the flag with a pan and a spoon. That doesn't make sense to me, but it also doesn't make any sense why the marchers don't understand what flag they should carry, or learn to sing the Star Spangled Banner in English, or even learn English at all. Forget the American Dream, it's the Mexican Dream or nothing, so it seems.
I imagine these marchers are going to use the pans and spoons to make an awesome noise, which they are starting to do anyway, as more people see the very strange viewpoints they have toward what we are all fond of calling "The American Way."

There is a really sad side to the immirgrant's story, however, which can be pieced together only by extensive reading on dozens of online sources. Apparently, a lot of these undocumented workers would really rather be in Mexico, not here, but their government thinks that exporting poverty over the Rio Grande might be the fast track to improved economic conditions. The people they are sending (or encouraging to send themselves) don't have the education, or the knowledge to know how to solve their problems by staying put. With deteriorating economic conditions we probably wouldn't know how to, either.

Mexico has everything, and nothing going for it. Favorable Climate, huge access to the seas, a wealth of riches in the Earth, abundant land mass. At the same time, it engages in little planning for an improved future, supports wide-spread corruption in the government, and cedes power to an ever-increasing number of criminals engaged in every enterprise known to the lawless.

In one respect, we are no better. Politicians see an enormous number of possible new voters, spread widely throughout the country, and drool. The unions see the potential for revitalizing the union movement and drool. In the meantime, the immigrants, a group which relies principally on word-of-mouth communication for knowledge, is fed an unrelenting menu of bizarre plans for their future ( including detention camps and mass deportations following mass round-ups) by the ultra-left wing groups who thrive on community action and parade planning, and in many respects have it down to a science.

These immigrants are told by many of the organizers that Americans are racist, hate them, and want them gone. Therefore, they must march for their rights. For many of them, sadly enough, that may be the totality of their understanding.


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