Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The Middle East Crisis - Maps for Understanding

I admit I am quite confused by the Middle East War. It seems that there is enough space over in that region that all the different groups could just learn to get along. Well, sometimes that happens, but it never lasts.

Israel is a pretty tiny country. In fact it's so small that you could put it in Lake Michigan without having to give up any beaches or sailing. You can access a map showing that here , but to be fair, based on that map we would have to Michigan take a little more territory to maintain our current lifestyle.

The map comes from a fascinating website featuring map which shows comparisons of Israel's size as measured against other geographic areas which you can look at by clicking here.

While not a neutral site by any means, there are additional maps which show the history of the various conflicts going back to the founding of the Israeli State here.

Newsweek has an interactive map which you might also find interesting.

We can't think of much else to say on the matter, but there is no shortages of opinions out there, so perhaps that's for the best. You might also want to have a look at Newsweek's current issue which has a wealth of information about the crisis.