Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Singer Mariza at Millenium Park August 2, 2006

Did you know that today, on August 2, 2006, you are in for a rare treat if you are willing to go to downtown Chicago? Fado singer Mariza will be appearing at 6:30 at the Pritzker Pavilion, in Grant Park (now known as Millenium Park) and she is notable for several reasons. First, she sings classical Fado. Second, she has a much larger repertorire than just Fado. Third, she enunciates each word so precisely it is likely if you know a little Portuguese you will actually be able to understand everything.

While Mariza doesn't look like your average Fado singer--she's blond and petite--it is notable when you can hear Fado outside the Alfama in Lisbon. If you're suffering from "saudades de Lisboa" this should perk you right up!

With country music--of all things!--on the schedule at Ravinia, head downtown for a free concert well worth your time.


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