Saturday, November 04, 2006

Dan Seals: Attorney General Madigan Investigates Campaign Fundraising

The Chicago Tribune is reporting that Attorney General Lisa Madigan is investigating fundraising emails sent by a worker for the Seals for Congress campaign. The Seals' supporter, an employee working in Madigan's criminal enforcement division, allegedly sent the fundraising communications from a state computer on state time.

"We take these allegations very seriously and have referred [them] to our inspector general for appropriate action," said Madigan spokeswoman Cara Smith. "Any use of state resources for political purposes is prohibited." Click here for the entire story.

Last summer, the Federal Election Commission sent Seals' campaign a letter regarding its compliance with federal law regarding contributions to the Seals for Congress campaign, and you can see that letter by clicking here. Did the Seals campaign continue to take thousands of dollars from contributors without obtaining the information that is required by Federal Law? You be the judge! Click here to see for yourself a list of Dan Seals for Congress contributors and decide where the truth lies.

Want to know more about fundraising issues facing the Seals Campaign? The Backyard Conservative has her say here.

For a quick overview of the Federal Election Campaign Act, click here for the article from Wikipedia. To read the "Campaign Guide for Congresssional Candidates and Committees" from the Federal Election Commission click here. To access the guide from the House of Representatives click here. For an interesting old news article on of campaign finance reform in 2000, click here.


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