Friday, November 03, 2006

Fill-up Your ipod for Free: Classical Music from Italy

Be smart, turn off the TV, and you will be saved from the host of political ads which, if you were from Mars, might just convince you that only crooks and scoundrels run for office. Look at this blog: we've been distracted from the animals, for goodness sake, and sucked into the vortex of political comment.

To fill the void created by TV silence and calm the nerves, we have found something for most everyone who likes classical music. We have music for your hard-drive, music for your ipod, and music for people who are more interested in listening than saving. It's the gift from a number of young musicians trying to get their talents heard,increasingly difficult since the advent of recorded music.

Luckily for us, many musicians are using the internet to introduce their music, and I've found a great site featuring classical music from young musicians in from classical music powerhouse, Italy. Is a non-profit site, using a Creative Commons License to enhance your listening pleasure. There are plenty of old favorites there, as well as more modern works. But don't waste your time reading more; hurry on over to to their download homepage for an entirely new experience.


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