Monday, December 11, 2006

Scientific Facts on Santa: Fun for You and the Kids

New! Updated for 2010!

Last year Scandinavian airlines put together a clever website with cute little movies well worth seeing, with a new movie for each day before Christmas. All of them provided a number of facts about Santa. Unfortunately, these little animations are no longer available. However, there are a number of other websites which address the scientific facts about Santa. If you want to know all about how Santa takes his journey with an explanation from physics, just click here. If you want an extremely detailed explanation, provided by Larry Silverberg, a Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, click here.

Of course, Santa likes to keep up with the times, so he has a blog. Just click here to see what he has been up to!

With these aids, you'll be able to explain the scientific facts surrounding Santa's jouney, and how he performs his seemingly miraculous feat of present giving, faster than you can say Donder and Blitzen!

If all this science is a bit much, just click here for Clement Moore's The Night before Christmas.


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It's going to take me some time to think of a response to your recent remarks on my page.

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Hi, Copy Editor--I don't have any answers, so I don't think it's fair to demand any from you. I just was hoping you had maybe thought about it!

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