Friday, January 26, 2007

Obama and Hillary Score No Points in Latest Round

Tomorrow there may be additional media points scored by Barak Obama or Hillary Clinton at the big peace march in Washington, DC. Since I am doing nothing today, I'll take a pass making any candidate comments and send you to a couple of websites that have views that you will surely find of interest. The Backyard Conservative is doing political posts at a website targeted to aging women, so click here to read her latest on Obama before you miss this gem. The UK Times Online has a great OpEd post on Hillary, which you can read by clicking here. Finally, Georgia's Piney Woods Rooter takes on both Hillary and Obama in a couple of enligtening posts.

With news today that John Edwards is building the most expensive home in his county, the running total on the political scorecard currently as follows:

Obama and Hillary are even at 1; Edwards is at -1.


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