Sunday, February 11, 2007

Big Government Best in Eyes of Lincoln, Obama

Watch: Obama speaks clearly on the Presidency

Barack Obama's spin doctors want us to see him as the new Lincoln. Is he? Almost a year ago, economist Walter E. Williams of George Mason University, wrote the introduction to the book The Real Lincoln, written by Thomas J. DiLorenzo. If you are curious about the parallels between Lincoln and Illinois Senator Barack Obama, you might enjoy reading that introduction. Notable is this quote:

"The true costs of the War between the States were not the 620,000 battlefield-related deaths, out of a national population of 30 million (were we to control for population growth, that would be equivalent to roughly 5 million battlefield deaths today). The true costs were a change in the character of our government into one feared by the likes of Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, Jackson, and Calhoun – one where states lost most of their sovereignty to the central government."

Lincoln was a big government man, and if you have read or heard Barack Obama's speech when he announced for President, you will see that Obama has a vision of a huge Federal government, a government with its finger in every piece of your life.

Perhaps Andy McKenna, chairman of the Illinois Republican Party, put it best. "It takes humility to be an effective leader," said McKenna. "None of us have read in history that President Lincoln compared himself to President Washington or President Jefferson-- he was too humble for that."

Walt Williams has an excellent little feature on his website termed Economics for the Citizen - A Ten Part Series on Basic Economics Concepts which you can read by clicking here.


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