Saturday, February 03, 2007

Chicago: All Dressed Up and SuperBowl Ready - Go Bears!

The Lions at the Art Institute are Super Bowl Ready!

The Picasso Statue in Daley Plaza is Super Bowl Ready!

The Archer is Super Bowl Ready!

The Chicago Skyline is Super Bowl Ready!

The 1985 Bears Super Bowl Shuffle can be found here and here.

If you're not in Chicago, there is comprehensive Bears SuperBowl coverage on the websites of local TV Stations, CBS-2; NBC - 5; ABC- 7; WGN - 9; and Fox - 32. (the coverage varies from fair to great - I'd suggest Channel 2 only if you are looking for team statistics) You could also look at the local papers, the Chicago Sun-Times or the Chicago Tribune.

Superbowl Food: If you're not from Chicago, you might not know how we eat for the Super Bowl, but here it's all abouts meat and cheese and beer. Maybe a shot of whiskey with the beer. Or several shots. Did I say lots of beer? Any kind is good. NO cocktails please, that's cheating. No drinks with umbrellas, or fruit hanging off a toothpick. Maybe a martini is okay. Coke and Orange and Grape Soda for the kids and teetotalers, not Pepsi, not fizzy water. And meat, lots of ground meat--the city of Big Shoulders still remembers its Stockyards past: polish sausage, hot dogs, gyros, hamburgers, thick or thin crust pizza with sausage or pepperoni, cold cuts featuring ground meat such as salami or bologna or summer sausage, and of course Italian Beef Sandwiches. Turkey Breast is bad. Chicken is okay so long as its fried. Most healthy food won't pass muster. Serve any kind of cheese, preferably in a pizza, or just cut up. Did we mention fried Mozarella cheese? If you insist on a Chicago style vegetarian spread, its carrots and celery and green peppers and little tomatoes and any other vegetables you can cup up, served with lots of dip made of sour cream or cream cheese (and yes, you can put meat and/or cheese in the dip, and yes, Kraft Velveeta counts as cheese). Bean dip is okay if you have health problems or for religious reasons. If you cut up the vegetables for dip make sure you have chips, too, any kind is good, but maybe not Pita Chips, they are too low fat. If you need low fat eat a carrot. Of couse, some Chicagoans won't make it to work on Monday. This kind of eating and drinking occasionally takes its toll.

Video of Mayor Daley's Super Bowl bet against the Mayor of Indianapolis. There is a lot of food featured.

Links: Official Super Bowl Website
Official Chicago Bears Website

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Photo Credits:
Art Institute Lion, Picasso, and Archer - JLurie who posts his photos on Flickr.
Chicago Skyline - vxla who posts his photos on Flickr.


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