Monday, February 05, 2007

In Mourning for the Bears

At -9F it's cold here. (That's minus 22C in the rest of the world)

We lost the Super Bowl in Miami, but at least its sunny in Chicago. With wind chill factors creating conditions equal to about -22F, a victory celebration could have been downright dangerous. It's warmer in Indianapolis, so its probably all for the best. The Bears gave us an exciting first quarter, which will remain with us for a long, long time. Everyone is sad today, but it was a great season. Plenty of coverage and photos at the Sun-Times.

From the Mayor's office:

"At the team's request, City Hall has cancelled its post-Super Bowl celebration.

"The team wanted to thank all of the fans for their tremendous support throughout the season. They look forward to celebrating with the fans when the [world] championship returns to Chicago," Cindy Gatziolis, a spokesperson for the city's Department of Special Events, said this morning. "

City Hall was planning a ticker-tape parade and rally Tuesday at Daley Center Plaza.


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