Saturday, February 10, 2007

While Both Spent Time in Springfield, Obama is No Lincoln

Watch: Barack Obama speak clearly about the Presidency

Barack Obama, Illinois' sentator-in-absentia, busy bootstrapping his two year Senate career to a nod for the Whitehouse, would like you to believe that he's another Abraham Lincoln. That's what his spin people want, and why that's why he's making his announcement for the Presidential run from Springfield, Illinois. Does Obama's self-comparison to Lincoln hit you as arrogant? It sticks in my craw, and I am not even a particular Lincoln fan. (On the other hand, in Illinois--which proudly proclaims itself as "Land of Lincoln"--anything short of real fanaticim for Lincoln might be considered downright hostile . . .)

But seriously, let's take a minute to reflect on Abraham Lincoln. On his religion, perhaps. What if I were to tell you that Abraham Lincoln belonged to a church that proudly published a philosophy that it was commited to the White Community, the White family, and the White work ethic, a church which, as a condition of membership, required you to pledge allegiance to White leadership who espouse and embrace the White Value System, a chuch which openly, nearly a century after the American Revolution, had a commitment to England and the historical education of English people here in America. Would you be offended? Need I ask?

I am sure you know that Old "Honest Abe" Lincoln never belonged to a church His religious philosophy was “When I do good, I feel good, and when I do bad, I feel bad, and that’s my religion.”

Barack Obama, however, does belong to a Church, the Trinity UCC in Chicago, which is probably a fine church. However, as a condition of membership, they require a commitment to what they call a "Black Value System" which you can read by clicking here. I don't think any churches that are mostly white could adopt a "White Value System" and stay in business or not be drummed out of their denomination. In fact, subsitute the word white for black and Trinity UCC's view sounds a lot like the verbiage of the KKK, termed by the Anti Defamation League as "America's first terrorist group", and whose political party believes that all Americans must live under "White Christian rules of conduct."

Obama, who has lived a priviledged life, in stark contrast to the hardship endured by Lincoln in his youth on the frontier, apparently became enamored with the idea of becoming President in his youth. I am suprised, amazed, that he would become affiliated with a Congregation with a viewpoint that, if the shoe was on the other foot, would be widely regarded as racist.

You want a guy like Obama for President? Trust his judgment? Barack Obama is no Abraham Lincoln, even if they are both tall and started their political careers here in Illinois.

Barack, give us a break!


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