Monday, February 19, 2007

One Laptop per Child: Trial Batch Shipping This Month

I have been following the "One Laptop per Child" $100 Laptop story for quite some time, but have never found any information that I didn't think you could easily find elsewhere. The project has received a fair amount of attention in the mainstream media, and I suppose you have heard about it, along with the pros and cons.

Today I found a blog post from the perspective of a tech person in a country which will be ordering those laptops, and i its excellent. I am recommending KO's post which you can read by clicking here. In the post, KO answers the most common criticisms of the project, which gave me a new perspective on the whole matter.

On observation from the article:

"[W]hile the govt. can afford to spend a billion dollars on laptops, it is completely beyond it’s reach to fix the educational system. Enable the children to learn on their own - it might just work. At the worst it’ll be money down the drain, and if you pore over the news, so called poor countries like Pakistan and Nigeria have tons of money to throw around."

When all the news seems bad, hopeful posts like this remind us that people (including children) are smart, resourceful, and solution oriented when allowed to solve their own problems.

Yes, I know its President's Day. Since Wilmette celebrates Lincoln's and Washington's birthdays, we will leave you to enjoy your holiday if you are lucky enough to have the day off.


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