Tuesday, February 20, 2007

With Appologies to General Washington, his Birthday Has Been Moved

Click here for information on Baby Amilla Taylor

Apologies to George Washington. Unfortunately the link commemorating his birthday appears below, dated Febrary 20, 2007, following the post about for baby Amillia Tayor simply because of reader demand. Here's the story.

When the news about Amillia Taylor first broke, the news sources carried the Miracle Baby's name as "Amilla." Turns out, her real name is "Amillia." The major news providers made corrections, but readers googling "Amilla Taylor," won't find much due to the correction.

Because I wrote the original blog post quite early after the story broke, using "Amilla" instead of "Amillia," Google has sent Googler's looking for "Amilla Taylor" to Wilmette for the story. Of course, few people have the patience to scroll down looking for information, so I decided to leave Amillia's post, which has been substantially updated, at the top of the blog.

George Washington has now had 275 birthday celebrations, Amillia only one. We hope you will understand.


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