Saturday, April 28, 2007

Don't Worry, No Problems in the Middle East

I went to a Drudge link on John Edwards' view on the global war on terror, and I found this comment that was so rich, I knew I had to share it:
The solution is simple. We are capitalists and we are wrong about the middle east, they are peace loving people who just want to be on equal terms with everyone. We should simply sell them our nuclear weapons so they won't have to make them on thier own. We can make some money and pay for our welfare state, illegal immigrants, the national debt, the trade deficit, and medical care for everyone. I'm sure everyone will feel perfectly safe, noble, and happy knowing we have sold the good people in the middle east exactly what they want and we are all one big happy family. I know no-one would mind if we sold them nuclear weapons since the liberals have made it so clear what good people they are and what bad people we are.

Thanks, rj, I think you said it all.


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