Monday, April 23, 2007

Move Over Knut: Chicago's Brookfield Zoo Has Arki's New Polar Bear Cub

Move over Knut, Chicago's Brookfield Zoo has Arki Polar Bear's new cub! So far, he doesn't seem to have a name! The cub will need one to become famous, so I do hope we will learn that soon. Mother and son are pictured at the left. Knut is Berlin Zoo's heart throb Polar Bear cub, made even more lovable and famous after being orphaned and the recipient of several death threats.

Arki and his mom emerged from their den just Friday, and visiting Arki and the cub is sure to be popular this spring and summer. There are plenty of links over at the Brookfield Zoo website, so do have a look at this beautiful new cub.

Update: The Brookfield Zoo tells us: "In the coming weeks a public naming contest will be held on behalf of the itty-bitty bear." Itty Bitty Bear--that would be cute!

Further update on the naming contest


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