Wednesday, April 11, 2007

God, Exercise, and a Plea for More Play, Less Homework--for All of Us!

While the atheists would have you believe that you can live longer on lack of faith, doctors don't agree, according to the Sun-Times. Just click here to find out if going off to church on Easter might have also been a smart health choice.

Everyone continues to agree, however, that exercise is good for you. Blogger KO, after reading about Chicago's food choices for Superbowl, has been concerned enough to send over an occasional article on health. His latest is amazing. Seems that there's a new study, right here in Illinois, that tells us what smart parents already knew: push those kids out the door to play before doing their homework. Even more surprising, is how very helpful exercise is in improving people's brains, and not just the children. It will be enough to send you out-of-doors for a quick game of tag! For a fascinating article that will motivate you to turn off the TV and take the whole family on an old-fashioned, post-prandial stroll, just click here.


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