Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Brookfield Zoo's Itty Bitty Bear Needs a Name

Chicago's Brookfield Zoo's newborn polar bear, Itty Bitty Polar Bear, Arki's son, still needs a name! (No, it can't be Knut, that's the heart-throb polar bear cub who lives at the Berlin Zoo.)

The naming contest will be judged on creativity, merit, and connection to the zoo's conservation mission--pretty tall order, I'd say. You can get entries at Brookfield Zoo, or enter on-line. Hurry, though, the contest ends May 12, 2007.

While I like Itty-Bitty Bear, I suppose that name won't do for long. The cub is a cutie, and since the the contest is being held in conjunction with the Chicago Bears, could there be a better way to remember Chicago's trip to the Super Bowl than naming Itty-Bitty Lovie, in honor of Lovie Smith? I am not sure what that has to do with the zoo's conservation mission, so maybe you will have a better idea.

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