Saturday, May 12, 2007

Last Minute Gifts for Mother's Day

Oops! You forgot to buy a Mother's Day present? Need to come up with something fast? Want to be traditional and just make your Mother a gift? We have several tips that might just solve your problem, and all the solutions are free, which is even better yet.

1. Burn her a free classical music CD, using legal downloads! 17th century lute music is bound to please many moms. You can download a CD worth of MP3 selections here from lutist Thomas Berghan. Michael Hawley has a number of beautiful free classical downloads here at the Piano Society, or how about an entire CD of Debussy Preludes or Bach's French Suites?
2. Maybe your mother would like to make her own music, using her computer mouse to play any number of instruments? If you think that might fit the bill, send her this link for Mother's Day. (h/t Digital Inspiration byAmit Agarwal)
3. If your Mom doesn't have Microsoft Office, how about Open Office--you can download it for free here, and install it on her computer--she will love it!
4. Not there in person? Send her a link to a concert or two to serenade her!
5. Make her a customized radio station at Pandora that she can enjoy at home or work.
6. Use your computer to call her up on the phone free, anywhere in the world, and pay nothing, thanks to Skype. (And it's no excuse not to call because you don't have a microphone, just get out some headphones; one side will work as a microphone--but you do have to plug it into your computer)
Oh, and don't forget to send her a card!
Happy Mother's Day!


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