Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Like Grandfather, Like Mother, Like Father, Like Son - Jesse Jackson III

Readers, this is no ordinary "cute kid" picture. The smiling young man in the tie is Jesse "Tre" Jackson III. This prize winning photo graced the cover of today's Chicago Sun-Times, undoubtedly cheering the morning of all Sun-Times readers.

Young Jackson, who is only 3, stole the show yesterday when his mom, Sandi Jackson, was sworn in as a member of the Chicago City Council. Tre is also the grandson of former candidate for US President, Jesse Jackson Sr., of Chicago's Operation Push, and son of US Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. (Rep. Jackson is the startled onlooker, pictured with Tre's sister.)

While Wilmette generally doesn't agree with the politics of the Jackson family, Jesse Jackson Jr. is notable for breaking with his party to vote for Terri Schiavo when Congress took up her cause. Jackson endured the scorn of his Democrat colleagues, simply saying that as an ordained minister he had to do the right thing. Jackson is also notable for using the environmentally friendly Segway to zip around Washington, DC, and using that form of transport for personal reasons, not for public accolade.


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